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I can't cook

My attempt to make pancakes with cake mix has gone bust. But I am eating it anyway.

First I added too much water to the mix... so I had to pour some of the water out. Then I added too much cooking oil to the pan... resulting in a greasy half pancake that I had to dump down the sink. The second attempt, I got the right amount of a grease... but the pancake I poured was flat and small. The third pancake was large and "seemed just right" until I overcooked one side m(-_-)m

So the result of my breakfast (if you can call it that) is an undercooked small pancake and an overcooked large pancake.

And some crappy tea.
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Hmm mini quake?

From Twitter: Lake Erie had earthquake and we felt the after shock

This is the second time that happened in... 10 years? I think. I am sure Erie had more, but before I was even born.

Sorry, can't think of what else to type

Besides private thoughts that are very disturbing.

Anyway, I've been working on a Gaia Online wiki for the past year and a half, I adopted it in October 2009 and it has taken up a majority of my online time. I enjoy it to a point, cause it feels like a project I want to work on and improve.

I would like to get a new computer, cause right now, although mine is working perfectly fine - it is still low when it comes to RAM and Speed. Not enough to play online games comfortable or store images without it bogging down the system.

I need to learn how to draw better, but I am not sure if I should take an art class or a computer class. I do need a job, so likely it will be with computers.
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Almost kind of spring

it started to snow again... wwwhhhy?!?!?! AAAaaa!!!

Anyway, I hope to get a new bike this Summer, my other one is good, but it is really heavy and hard on my knees.

virtual goods?

Been gone for a while lol

Just posting about how cool it is to see Spring is coming.
Not the worst winter in history... at least not where I live.
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*watching time fly*

Heading into February already. geez.

After seeing everyone on my friendlist posting with original drawn icons, I wanna make my own too lol XD Minus the Nyx icon, since it is my favorite.

My mom finally got her daycare open, half (if not whole) of the kids are male. The only girl is a baby and another who is a lying brat. And since I don't socialize very easily, I try to avoid going to the daycare. I am just not good around people or kids anymore, I am really mean now.
This could likely be fixed with pills or something.

I should be going to the doctor for my eye. My left eye appears to have some problems, and their is a white line on the cornea. My dad copied an article about eye floaties landing at the bottom of the cornea, so that is likely what it is. But if I have to get some kind of surgery, I don't want metal poles sticking in my eye!

Besides being really unorganized, I've been passing the days editing wikis. Can't believe how long those take... geez
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2009 was insane ^_^

I thought 2008 was crazy, but I think 2009 just stood out on top.

I gotta get back into reading LJs again.
If anyone is reading this, sorry for not commenting to you, just been drifting around the net a lot.
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Fanatics truly are ...pitiful

It is quite saddening that people who are "so called" fans of a genre/medium... don't get just how crazy they act.

Currently there is this whole. Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift battle going on between the fans.

Get the idea that none of these women have any criticisms or hatred toward one another, it is their fanbase that is doing the hating. To the point of death threats and bashing on the the Artists.

What is wrong with people?! Can't they just show support for the person they like, and leave the name-calling and trolling out of it?
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